House of Ruth Maryland (HRM) leads the fight to end violence against women and their children by confronting the attitudes, behaviors, and systems that perpetuate it, and by providing victims with the services necessary to rebuild their lives safely and free of fear.

Today, House of Ruth Maryland is recognized as one of the nation’s most comprehensive domestic violence centers and has a staff of more than ninety. Our voluntary leadership consists of a thirty-member Board of Directors and an Advisory Committee.

The HRM Community of Practice (CoP) is a resource and community for IPV service providers, advocates, volunteers, allies, staff, academics, and associated professionals to continue important conversations in the intimate partner violence community.  It consists of two types of forums:

  • General Forums – Open to all members of the House of Ruth Maryland Community of Practice. These include IPV Topics and General Discussion.
  • Training Forums – Open only to those who have completed the requisite House of Ruth Maryland training.  Completion of each training is required to open the associated discussion forum.


NOTE: This community of practice is not a survivor’s forum.  For survivor services, please visit House of Ruth Maryland, or one of the IPV service providers listed in the IPV Services Directory.