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    It is helpful to share terminology, not just about a field of practice, but the environment in which we operate.  Here are some common terms that may be used throughout the forum or FAQ topics that might be helpful:

      • Landing Page / Home: The front page of the Community of Practice that is the gateway that new users must visit to register as a member of the community.
        • Example: The landing page for this community is found here
      • Forum – Contains all the subforums, topics, and replies that were created in the forum.
        • Example: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Topics
      • Subforum: Contains all Topics/Posts about a specific topic of discussion
        • Example: Abuse/Battering Intervention Services, Intimate Partner Violence in Faith Communities, Teen Dating Violence, etc.
      • Topics/Posts – Topics (or “Posts”) are created within subforums, they are the subjects that are being discussed.
        • Example: Risk Assessments
      • Replies – Replies are the actual discussion taking place. They are created within topics and if the threaded replies function is enabled can be a reply to other users replies.
        • Example: When someone posts an initial Topic and you respond to that topic.  Your response is a “reply.”
      • Topic Tag: Label added to a topic or reply to make it searchable by members on the site.
        • Example: This topic has the following tags: “FAQ” and “Terminology”
      • Subscribe: When you click “subscribe” to a forum, subforum, topic, or reply you will receive notifications about any changes made to the object you subscribed to, or any new replies added by members. You can find your subscriptions and updates in your profile.
        • Example: You can subscribe to a Forum, Subforum, Topic, or Reply by clicking “subscribe” at the top of an object you are viewing.
      • Member: Individual who has registered for the Community of Practice. Non-members cannot view or post to the community forums, nor can they access resources.


    Watch this post for updates and additions to this list!

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by  COP Admin.

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