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    Today I have been bombarded with questions about if Ibuprofen is safe to use.

    Our response is that you should definitely consult with your health care professional.  However, the World Health Organization has stated on their official twitter account that they are “not aware of reports of any negative effects of ibuprofen, beyond the usual known side effects that limit its use in certain populations”.  Here is a link to a story that NPR ran:


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    Good morning!

    There is a lot of controversy on whether and what types of face masks work.  I have included a link here to a fairly comprehensive fact check assessment of the issue.  If you don’t have time to read it, the take away is this:

    “For those who choose to wear a mask, Feng recommended learning the proper technique to reduce accidental infection from the mask itself. As demonstrated in a WHO video, the key is to not to touch the outside of the mask — and to wash your hands if you do. The CDC also offers advice and a few patterns for those creating their own masks. But most critically, don’t think a mask protects you or exempts you from social distancing or hand washing. As Feng told us, it’s “better to stay home.””

    Here is the link to the full article.


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