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    • Privacy. While user access to the discussion board is restricted to members, please note that you are, in fact, posting to a public forum. Please use appropriate discretion. For data privacy questions please refer to the Privacy Policy.
    • Names. A community of practice is a professional community of colleagues. User names should reflect your professional identity.  If your organization also wishes to create a general account, please contact COP Admin.
    • Intellectual Property. Please adhere to all User Agreement terms, including proper use of intellectual property in your posts as well as the use of intellectual property found on this site from HRM or others.
    • Respect. Please engage in discussions, even when controversial, with proper professional respect.
      Check for open topics. Before posting a new topic, please check to see if there is already a topic open on the subject.
    • Language. Please utilize inclusive and respectful language when referring to survivors, communities, and individuals.
    • De-indentification. As is common in the Human Services professions, we require any discussion involving clients to be de-identified out of respect and for their protection. Please remove any identifiers that may reveal identity, location, workplace, etc. Posts that violate this policy will be hidden or removed until corrected.
    • Please use descriptive titles for new posts. Avoid “generic” post subjects like “Help” or “Question.” You will receive a better response to your posts by making your title more descriptive.
    • No personal advertising or links to advertising or “Spam” is permitted outside of appropriate threads.
      • Advertising or spam is defined as posting a link for the purpose of selling, soliciting, or promoting something.
      • Links promoting fundraising, advocacy, etc. are not permitted.
      • Sharing of links to helpful and relevant web sites and resources is allowed if they are not used for a promotional purpose (i.e., posting four times about your new book or event).
    • Posts that violate posting rules may be deleted.

    **This is a community for professionals focused on health and safety. If you are a survivor and are seeking resources, please visit House of Ruth Maryland or a service provider on our Intimate Partner Violence Service Providers Directory

    NOTE: HRM reserves the right to change and update rules and guidelines for posting at any time.

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