What are notifications and how do I check them?

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    1. What are notifications and how do I check them?

    Notifications are tied to the forums you subscribe to or follow.  After you subscribe to a forum or thread you will receive a notification when a new post is made in that forum or thread (i.e., your notification counter will show the number of new posts for the forums your follow).

    You can access your Notifications two ways: a) click your profile image and it will take you to your profile where you can view your Notifications, or b) click the Notifications icon in the header next to your profile (the alarm bell image with a purple counter).

    Note: The Notifications icon will change depending on how many messages you have and how many updates to forums you have subscribed to or followed.

    Once on your profile page, you will see the menu featuring Profile, Notifications, Messages, Forums, and Settings.  Next to both Notifications and Messages you will see purple counters to indicate how many new items there are for each.  Select “Notifications.”

    On the Notifications menu, you will see Read and Unread.

    To read your new notifications, select “Unread.

    To review Notifications you have read, select “Read.

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